I Help Angry And Anxious Parents Achieve A Healthy Connection With Their Kids And A Calmer Household.

Introducing: The Secure Parent: From Chaos to Connection

Hi, I’m Karyn.

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and parent coach, helping parents understand their own attachment history, cultivate secure attachment with their children, and create the kind of family they’re dreaming of. I teach everything from the foundations of attachment science, mindfulness, and self-compassion to the practical every-day details of handling meltdowns, aggression, and boundary-pushing, and meeting the unique needs of infants, toddlers, teenagers, and more.
I love being a therapist; I’ve always found it a deeply rewarding and fulfilling career. So why have I branched out into coaching? That’s a great question.
I’ve been obsessed with attachment theory since graduate school; a focus on safety, connection, and security is now woven into everything I do professionally. But, like many therapists, I started my career working in behavioral models of therapy. Honestly? They were horrible. I knew I wasn’t fixing anything. Sometimes, I knew I was even making problems worse.
So I got away from the behavioral models as soon as I could.
Let me be real with you for a minute. Behavioral models just don’t work—not in therapy, and not in parenting. Since I have started using an attachment-based approach, the results I’ve seen in my clients’ lives have blown me away. I have seen people heal from decades of complex attachment trauma and start to live in ways they never have before. As I began to understand on a deeper level the devastating pain of attachment trauma, the healing I was witnessing felt even more incredible.

And then one day, I started thinking: What if I could prevent attachment trauma from happening in the first place?

What is attachment trauma? I’m glad you asked.

Sometimes, attachment trauma takes the form of abuse or devastating neglect, emotionally or physically. But a lot of the time, there isn’t any abuse at all. A lot of the time, it’s just the quiet and sometimes unrecognized anguish of not knowing if anyone is really there for you; the terrifying insecurity caused by every-day ruptures that never get repaired, adding up over years and years; the loneliness deep in your bones of not knowing how to build safe, close relationships because you never got the chance as a child to be close to anyone truly safe.
Maybe this is you. But it doesn’t have to be your children, too.

What if we could do more than heal our own wounds? What if we could actually prevent our children from experiencing those same wounds? What if we could impact the kind of parents our children become? What if we could start to change the world, one family at a time?

I dream of a world where every child feels secure. I dream of a world where every young person has hope for a life of rich, meaningful relationships and freedom from the chains of trauma. I dream of a world where every parent has access to resiliency, hope, and self-compassion in even their hardest moments. Maybe it’s impossible. But maybe it’s not. And I’m going to do whatever I can to get us closer to that world, because that’s the kind of world I want for my daughter, my grandchildren, and my great-grandchildren.

So here I am, getting up out of my therapist’s chair to take a huge risk. That’s how much this matters. I’m so excited for the opportunity to coach parents in attachment-based parenting. And you know what? It’s changing me, too. I’m a better mom; I’m kinder to myself; my tolerance for stress has increased; I have more hope in this crazy world.
I want all of that for you, too. I would love to have you join me.

Meet The Secure Parent Team

Karyn Resch Brackney

Owner & Parent Coach

Karyn leads The Secure Parent team, providing vision for the program as well as direct coaching for clients. In addition to parent coaching, Karyn is a licensed therapist who specializes in complex trauma and attachment trauma. She is a single mom. Her attachment-based parenting model was born out of her work as a therapist. She excited about equipping parents with the tools they need to raise resilient kids while healing their own attachment wounds.

Alison Rathbun

Parent Educator

Alison works directly with parents, teaching workshops both online and in-person, in addition to enrolling clients in The Secure Parent program. Alison followed her passion and began as a mental health professional in 2015. She is a parent herself, and feels honored to connect with people on their healing journeys, especially helping them grow as parents. She holds a Master’s Degree in Medical Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences.

Katie Resch

Community Manager

Katie manages The Secure Parent’s social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, and connects interested parents with content and support. Katie is a wife and a mom of two incredible kids. Katie and her family live in Montana and enjoy reading captivating books, all the sports, and a good loaf of bread. She has a gift for connecting with people through social media, and is passionate about empowering parents everywhere.

Laura Mahoney

Administrative Lead

Laura manages the day-to-day business needs of Karyn Resch Coaching, enrolls clients in The Secure Parent program, and supports clients in their Secure Parent journey. Laura is a licensed therapist, mom of two, and pastor’s wife in Denver, Colorado. She is a novice gardener and enthusiastic hiker; she loves taking her boys on outdoor adventures. She believes attachment science can change the world one brain at a time.

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